Saturday 17 September 2011

Vasculitis induced infarct MRI

A 19 y o male with right side weakness since 1 week.
History of previous admission 6 months back for Tubercular Meningitis.
On admission MRI Brain
Axial FLAIR and Diffusion images of Brain with non contrast 3D TOF MR Angiography of brain and 2 D TOF for neck.

Axial FLAIR images of Brain shows a focal soft tissue in suprasellar cistern (green asterisk).
Multiple sub cortical foci of recent ischemia with restricted diffusion in left cerebral hemispheres on DW images.
Left intra cranial ICA supra clinoid portion show severe focal stenosis.
Left MCA main stem show marked narrowing, left PCA show poor flow related signals.
No significant major vessel stenosis or occlusion in Neck.

Imaging wise diagnosis: Post TB Meningitis Vasculitis Induced Infarcts.

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