Tuesday 12 March 2019

Nasolabial cyst MRI

Nasolabial cyst also known as nasoalveolar cyst or Klestadt Cyst.
A rare non odontogenic, developmental cyst derived from epithelial cells retained in mesenchyme after fusion of medial and lateral nasal processes and the maxillary prominence during fetal development, occurring in midline at superior alveolar margin in alar region of nose.
3 times more common in females than males, most often an asymptomatic, mobile fluctuant non-tender swelling.
Often detected incidentally on CT or MRI BRAIN as isodense round nodule on CT. Signal characteristic of lesion varies on MRI ranges from hypo-to hyperintense on T1-weighted images and Hyperintense to hypointense on T2-weighted images depending upon its content, clear or thick.
Differential diagnosis is odontogenic cyst which is peri apical inflammatory lesion associated with osseous thinning of adjacent superior articular margin.