Saturday 25 March 2023

Mazabraud's syndrome

A young patient presented with mild left thigh pain with swelling.

MRI with Xray correlation shows:

1. Mixed signal intensity lobulated lesion involving metadiaphysis of left proximal femur, part of adjacent epiphysis. Lesion is slightly expansile with groundglass matrix in the region of metaphysis on x-ray. No periosteal reaction on x-ray as well as MRI. No obvious pathological fracture. No abnormal adjacent bone marrow oedema on STIR.

Imaging wise possible diagnosis: Fibrous dysplasia.

2. Multiple T2 hyperintense lobulated space-occupying lesions involving muscles of left adductor compartment. The largest lesion measuring approximately 76 mm x 40 mm at a distance of 20 cm from greater trochanter on medial aspect of femur at 7 o’clock position on axial section.

Imaging wise possible diagnosis: intramuscular myxomas.

Intramuscular myxomas + left femoral fibrous dysplasia = Mazabraud's syndrome.