Friday 9 September 2011

Corpus callosal partial Agenesis

Agenesis of CC may be complete (all segment of CC absent) or Partial (usually body remains rest of the CC may be absent as in this case)
MRI Mild Sagittal sections are must showing non visualisation of part of CC.
Finding may not be very obvious on axial sections which may show mild relatively wide and separated lateral ventricles in corresponding region.
An associated T1 bright stripe of Lipoma noted in this case.

Typical finding of complete agenesis of CC like Occipital horn dilated – Colpocephaly, Pointed or trident shaped frontal horns, High riding third ventricle, Vertically originated hippocampi with key hole appearance of temporal horns, Probst bundles may not be seen in partial agenesis. 

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