Friday 9 September 2011

Corpus callosal Destruction

A 35 y o female with seizures. 
Here is her CT Brain, MRI Brain Axial T1w, T2w, FLAIR, Diffusion, Axial Post contrast T1w and Sagittal T1w images. 

This CT and MRI Brain shows destruction of corpus callosum, Gliosis involving right superior frontal and cingulate gyrus with dense dystrophic calcification on CT, a right temporo parietal Porencephalic Cyst.
Appears to be secondary to Perinatal ischemic brain insult.


Unlikely to be the routine congenital malformation of corpus callosum like agenesis or dysgenesis as there is no complete non visualisation of corpus callsum instead a thin stripe of corpus callosum is seen on sagittal sections. An associated well circumscribed clear Csf signal intensity cystic lesion in the region of right lateral ventricle, communicating with the ventricular system is a por encephalic cyst.  Cysts associated with corpus callosal agenesis are in mid line along inter hemispheric fissure. Gliosis with dense dystrophic calcification involving right superior frontal gyrus and cingulate gyrus better seen on CT. Fibrotic bands extending from right thalamus going towards septum pellucidum seen on sagittal sections. 

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