Sunday 19 February 2012

Patient Positioning during MRI

Here through this case I’m trying to discuss importance of proper patient positioning during the MRI and certain modifications as per the case.
This is a 75 y o male with severe kyphotic deformity, even he was not able to extend his hip and knee.  When made to sleep on MR table could not place his head in Brain coil due to kyphosis.
We can’t use force to make him straight.
Proper packing is important is such case so that patient can lie, provided he should be conformable.
So what we did is some medications, in the packing to supports his trunk.
First made an elevator of pillows on the table sloping towards gantry to raise his lumbar region and pelvis to negotiate his inability to place his head in brain coil.  Yes with this he could do that. Needed one more support of pillow below his thigh and knee to support his fixed flexed hip and knees.
With this we could perform at least necessary sequences like Diffusion , FLAIR and Non contrast 3 D TOF for Brain Angio.

Take home notes... 
Due to deformities or severe spasm patient may not be able to lie strength supine on table, needs additional packing in certain areas to negotiate the deformity and to support body portions, making patient conformable during the study.  

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