Sunday 12 February 2012

Alzheimer's Disease MRI

A 60 yo female came for follow up MRI imaging. 
Now with new C/o recent onset slow progressive memory loss.  No family history.
This present MRI show marked diffuse cerebral atrophy compared to previous 2 years old MRI.
The 2 years old MRI
Imaging findings, comparison with previous MRI and history is consistent with Alzheimer's Disease.

Syn: Alzheimer Dementia.
A progressive neuro degenerative disorder of brain.
Clinically characterised by early onset dementia.
Parietal and temporal cortical atrophy, marked atrophy of hippocampi are the imaging diagnostic clue.
Most cases are spontaneous, ~5 to 10 % are familial and Autosomal Dominant.
Development of neurofibrillary tangles (NTs) and Senile plaques along cortical Memory pathways is the precursor of pathology. In neurofibrillary tangles there is deposition of tau protein and in Senile plaques there is deposition of beta Amyloid protein.
NTs impair Glucose transport and Senile plaques promotes inflammatory cascade.
These abnormal protein accumulation along cortical Memory pathways result in neuronal loss and impairs memory and cognition.

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