Sunday 25 December 2016

Patterns of abnormal brain enhancement

Pachy meningeal Enhancement (Intracranial Hypo tension)

Lepto meningeal  Enhancement 
causes: Menigitis, SAH, Metastases

Gyral Enhancement
       Vascular: re perfusion of ischemic brain, migraine, PRES, seizures
       Inflammatory: meningitis, encephalitis

Nodular Cortical and Subcortical Enhancement
       Hematogenous dissemination of metastatic neoplasms and clot emboli.

Open Ring Enhancement
       Multiple sclerosis (without mass effect)
       Tumefactive demyelination (with mass effect)
       Fluid-secreting neoplasms (with mass effect and occasionally with surrounding vasogenic edema)

Peri ventricular Enhancement
       Primary CNS lymphoma
       Primary glial tumors
       Infectious ependymitis 

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