Sunday 5 April 2015

Astrocytoma vs Ependymoma

These common spinal cord neoplasms, differentiating Astrocytoma vs Ependymoma imaging wise is challenging, sure differentiation is out of imaging consensus however the combination of following set of findings can be used to give a more likely possibility of one over other.
Again it is one of favorite questions in FRCR 2A.

Astrocytomas are common in Children, Thoracic region, Eccentric lesion in spinal cord, Ill defined margins, Long segment involvement , No to faint enhancement on post contrast. 

Ependymomas are common in Adult, Cervical region, Central location in spinal cord, Well defined margins, Short segment involvement of cord, Avid enhancement on post contrast, Associated with cord syrinx, intralesional Bleed and Spinal canal remodeling.  

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