Sunday 1 January 2012

MRI Second Opinion

Why You Need a Second Opinion

CT and MRI are among the most powerful diagnostic imaging tools available today for detecting many types of illnesses. MRI is considered as the investigation of choice as far as brain and spine are concerned.
In MRI, images of part scanned are captured by the machine. The images obtained then are evaluated by the concerned radiologist. The machine provides images to view inside the body, but it is up to human eyes to interpret the data optimally.  Here lies radiologist’s skill and keen observation to analyze what the machine has recorded.

Many factors can influence the interpretation of an exam in that the radiologist’s experience level, workload and fatigue. Your MRI or CT scan is negative, normal but still you have persistent problem or a problem which is mentioned in your original report based on which your treating physician advises you surgery and in such case to be sure your may need a second opinion. You may be getting conflicting results regarding your scans and to have peace of mind you may need an expert to review your scan.

Studies have found that not every radiologist will interpret the same MRI picture in exactly the same way.  Your course of treatment depends on the exam results and the patients who want the best healthcare will get extra assurance with an MRI second opinion.

Remember, receiving an MRI second opinion does not mean you do not trust your doctor.  It simply means you are a conscious and motivated patient or patient’s relative ready to play an active role in your own healthcare and most physicians will respect and welcome this.

A second opinion can confirm and validate prior diagnoses or may even present different options for consideration.

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