Sunday 1 January 2012

Non Hogkin's Lymphoma

A 40 yo male admitted for headache.
Neurological examination normal.
On admission CT shows a hyper dense focal lesion in the region of right basal ganglia with moderate uniform enhancement, marked perilesional vasogenic odema.
Imaging wise possible DDs suggested were Lymphoma and Toxoplasmosis. 

Immune status : Tridot Non reactive.
Csf : Slightly raised protein. Otherwise normal.
CT Chest showed multiple bilateral discrete soft tissue density parenchymal nodules.
CT Abdomen normal.
Neck nodes biopsy and histopathology revealed Non Hogkin's Lymphoma.

The follow up CT after course of radiotherapy shows significant regression in size of lesion, perilesional odema and mass effect support diagnosis of Systemic Non Hogkin's Lymphoma (NHL) with CNS involvement. 

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