Thursday 15 March 2012

Thornwaldt's cyst MRI

Syn: Pharyngeal bursa, Thornwaldt bursa, Tornwaldt cyst.
A cystic density / signal intensity lesion at the roof of nasopharynx.
A developmental cyst, represent potential space developing in the nasopharynx at the point where the notochord retains its union with the pharyngeal ectoderm.

MRI is investigation of choice, signal intensity on MRI varies on both T1 and T2 weighted images depending up on its protein content and if any associated haemorrhage in the lesion.

The lesion is a mucosal cyst situated in the mid line between the longus capitus muscles, without associated inflammatory changes or edema in the surrounding soft tissues or without any adjacent bone involvement.

Usually nil due to its typical location and imaging appearance. May include normal / prominent adenoidal tissue with cystic degeneration, mucous retention cyst.

Age group is second or third decades, no sex predilection.
Clinical symptoms:
Most often asymptomatic. Noted as an incidental findings on CT / MRI.
Symptoms may include postnasal drip, halitosis, headaches, eustachian tube dysfunction resulting in earache.

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Anonymous said...

Have just had MRI and found to have two Cysts. one in my PNS and one in my throat. Have had surgery to open my throat and De-roof the Cyst. The findings at this time are as follows, Mild Oedema, infection and nasal Cyst. I suffer constant Neck Stiffness, particularly on waking. Headaches, blocked nose and runny nose on left side (where Cyst is). Sense of smell is very poor and left vison also poor. Am awaiting results. Could this be a Tornwald Cyst?