Sunday 25 March 2012

Artery of Bernasconi and Cassinari

Branches of the cavernous portion of ICA are highly variable.
The most consistent branches are the posterior and lateral trunks.
The Posterior trunk, also known as the meningohypophyseal artery arises from the posterior bend of the cavernous ICA, gives Tentorial artery, the most consistent branch of the posterior trunk.
Tentorial artery has two branches.
1. Basal tentorial artery, travels laterally along the border between the tentorium and the petrous ridge. Anastomoses with the middle meningeal artery and the dural arteries of the posterior fossa.
2. Marginal artery of the tentorium, travels posteriorly along the medial edge of the tentorium. The artery may arise directly from the ICA.

This Marginal artery of the tentorium is also known as artery of Bernasconi and Cassinari.

Reference : Handbook of Cerebrovascular Disease and Neurointerventional Technique.  Mark R. Harrigan, John P. Deveikis and Agnieszka Anna Ardelt.

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