Monday 3 October 2011

MRI Artifact secondary to embolisation glue

A 55 y o male came for follow up imaging with history of endovascular embolization for dural AV fistula.
This is his follow up MRI images show susceptibility artifact in left temporal region from glue used for endovascular embolization, the abnormal vessel is blocked by injecting a glue by placing a small catheter inside the blood vessels that supply the AV. Among the variety of materials used commonly include liquid tissue adhesives (glues) which get polymerised and become hard on coming in contact with blood.

Susceptibility artifact of glue refers to susceptibility of a material in it, the tendency of the material to become magnetised when placed in a magnetic field, create local disturbances in the magnetic field resulting in non-linear changes of resonant frequency, which in turn creates image distortion and areas of signal void.

Other common causes such artifacts in daily practice are Dental implants, hair pins, dirt and grim in hairs, bindi, post traumatic subcutaneous implants.

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