Sunday 9 October 2011

Acute cerebellitis MRI

A 29 y o female with mild fever, headache and gait ataxia. 

MRI Brain axial diffusion on admission show faint high signals involving cranial portion of cerebellum.
Coronal diffusion repeated for confirmation, the signal abnormality is seen persistently, signal changes not marked on FLAIR. Mild effacement of hemispheric cortical sulci in dependent portions of brain on axial FLAIR. 

Finding are consistent with clinical diagnosis of Acute cerebellitis.

Acute cerebellitis is also known as acute cerebellar ataxia, an inflammatory syndrome of cerebellar dysfunction.
Etiology is infectious, post-infectious, or post-vaccination.
Typically seen in children, adult cases are also known. Outcome of cerebellitis in young adults is considered quite favourable compared to children. 

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