Friday 26 August 2011

Fenestrated Basilar MR Angiogram of Brain

Embryology of basilar :
Fusion of embryonic longitudinal neural arteries into a single basilar artery occurs in craniocaudal direction by approximately fifth fetal week. Fenestrations or "windows" within the basilar artery occur as a result of failure of fusion of the neural arteries. In severe for complete non fusion leads to duplication, this is extremely rare.

Duplication and fenestration of basilar is considered as a rare developmental anomalies.
In many case reports, the terms fenestration and duplication have been used incorrectly and interchangeably. Duplication should be strictly applied to an artery that has 2 origins and a variable course with fusion. In contrast, fenestration represents a vessel with a single origin, anywhere along its course the main trunk divides into 2 parallel segments that unite again.

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