Sunday 3 October 2021

Supraspinatous Ganglion Cyst MRI

Clinically severe painful restricted shoulder movement, especially the abduction. Patient complaining that symptoms got aggravated over the period of time with shoulder exercise and physiotherapy. No obvious history of arthroscopy or intra articular injection.

This MRI shoulder joint shows a well-defined tear drop shaped cystic lesion along supraspinatus tendon tapering laterally towards its insertion suggestive of intra tendinous ganglion cyst. Associated changes of tendinosis involving supraspinatus tendon as there is mild tendon thickening. 
There was no sub acromial spur or para labral cyst.
Acromioclavicular joint normal.

The observation managed conservatively with intra-articular steroid. Clinical follow-up mentioned that patient improved clinically with range of movement improved by approximately 75%.
Suggested follow-up imaging

Imaging diagnosis: intra tendinous ganglion cyst of supraspinatus tendon causing shoulder impingement.

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