Sunday, 1 September 2019

Spondylodiscitis MRI

Description of findings:

At D11-12 discal and paradiscal involvement. Diffuse altered marrow signals involving vertebral bodies; diffuse low marrow signals on T1w, intermediate signals on T2w. Diffuse high signal intensity on STIR implies to marrow edema. Posterior elements are uninvolved.
Intervening intervertebral disc and end plates are destroyed with endplate erosions, reduced height of vertebral bodies due to sub chondral collapse, exaggerated anterior curvature at this level due to anterior wedging with prominent posterior corners contributing to severe canal stenosis, severe cord compression, cord oedema, bilateral neural foraminal stenosis with exiting nerve root compression in neural foramina. An associated prevertebral, anterior epidural abscess.


At D11-12 Spondylo Discitis with pre vertebral and anterior epidural abscess, severe cord compression, cord oedema.

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