Thursday 28 November 2013

Left parietal cyst MRI

MRI findings:

A left temporo parietal cystic lesion.
Lesion is multi locular, its difficult to mention whether the lesion is intra axial or extra axial as it is insinuating in brain parenchyma.
Content of cyst is clear fluid, iso intense to Csf.
No restricted diffusion on Dw images.
Lesion has thin imperceptible wall.
No solid component.
No peri lesional odema.
Significant mass effect_ mid line shift with sub falcine as well as uncal herniation. Mid brain compression.

Imaging wise possible DDs : Arachnoid cyst >  Neuroglial Cyst.

Pt operated, left parietal craniotomy with complete excision of lesion.

Histopathology Report

Specimen : Excisional biospy.
Gross appearance : The specimen consist of soft wrinkled pieces of dull grey white tissue _ cyst wall.
Microscopy : Sections shows a benign cystic lesion comprising delicate membranous fibrous connective tissue cyst wall lined by meningothelial cells, at places seen to form focal aggregates. There is no evidence of cytological atypia.

Final Diagnosis : Arachnoid cyst. 

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