Monday 7 May 2012

Vein of Trolard MR Venogram of Brain

Vein of Trolard on right side
Vein of Trolard on either side
Syn:  Superior Anastamotic Vein.
The vein of Trolard, is a part of the superficial venous system of the brain, often located in post central sulcus, connects superficial middle cerebral vein of Sylvius to superior sagittal sinus.

Also important know here about vein of Labbé, the inferior anastomotic vein crosses the temporal lobe, connects the superficial middle cerebral vein of Sylvius to the ipsilateral lateral sinus.
The dominance of these anastomotic veins is dictated by the relative size of the superficial middle cerebral vein and the other anastomotic vein. There is inverse relationship between the size of these three, the superficial middle cerebral vein, the anastomotic vein of Trolard and the vein of Labbé, as all three shares a same drainage area.

Clinical significance:
Surgery : Important to know about these vein , to preserve the vein during lobectomy or Decompressive craniecotmy.
Thrombosis : isolated thrombosis of this vein is known where MR Venogram may show controversial findings like normal superior sagittal sinus with an adjacent hemorrhagic venous infarct which may be otherwise mistaken for a hemorrhagic contusion if there is history of trauma. T2*GRE sections in high parietal region can be of great help in such situation, may demonstrate low signal intensity thrombus in the vein.

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