Wednesday 4 April 2012

Chondrosarcoma Petrous apex

This MRI Ax T2 brain shows a lobulated neoplastic soft tissue centered to right side petrous apex.
Right side petrous portion of ICA completey encased by mass.
Destruction of floor of right side middle cranial fossa and extending in right infra temporal fossa.
Destruction of clivus with obliteration of sphenoid sinus.
Destruction of right side mastoid with fluid in right side mastoid air cells.
Invasion of right temporal lobe with adjacent perilesional odema.
Obliteration of right side Cp angle and pre pontine cistern with significant compression over right hemisphere of cerebellum, medulla, Pons and mid brain. Basilar and vertebrals compressed.

Histopathology : Chondrosarcoma of Petrous apex.

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