Saturday 19 November 2011

Dural sinus thrombosis – Chronic

MRI Brain
Axial T2
Sagittal T1
2 D TOF MR Venogram
This MRI study shows abnormal heterogeneous T2 high signals in the region of superior sagittal sinus and right lateral sinus, loss of normal T2 flow voids implies to thrombosis. Sagittal T1 for cross sectional view of sinus, sinus is not very bulky iso intense to adjacent parenchyma.
Eccentric T2 flow voids in the region of sinuses are the partially recanlised channels, which show poor flow related signals on 2D TOF MR Venogram implies to chronic thrombosis.


Chronic thrombosis of superior sagittal and right transverse sigmoid sinus with partial recanalization.
No venous infarct.

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